A Clockwork Tempest: Company

Klein Oak Theatre presents the company of our second play of the 2014-15 school year A Clockwork Tempest at 7 pm Nov. 7, 8 & 10 at the Klein Oak High School Theatre. A Clockwork Tempest is a steampunk-stylized adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest , written and directed by Christopher Pruett. Reserved seats are $5 and available through our online ticketing system and at the box office the evening of the performance.

Alec Michael Ryan/ Carlo Matteucci
Carson Robinson/ Miranda Matteucci
Kaylee Brown/ Ariel
Travis Jackson Pounds/ Caliban
Jamie Loasby/ Princess Maria Clotilde of Savoy
Benton Burnett/ Prince Louis Bonaparte
Sophia Clarke/ The Lady Alegre
Kelli Lahasky/ Elizabeth Forster-Neitzsche
Coulter Brown/ Antonio Facinotti
Peter Collins-Hunt/ Stephano
Roxanne Granat/ Trinculo/Theresa
Emily Shrode/ Bosun
Sarah Wallace/ Airship Captain
Hannah Laird/ Adrianne
Trevor Payne/ Francisco

Mechanicals/ Sailors:
Gabe Goodman
Kendall Phillips
Cami Stearns
Hailey Thomas
Caila VuBeers

Kaelin Tilden/ Stage Manager
Paige Schmidt/ Assistant Stage Manager
Julie Mulkey/ Lights Crew Head
Sarah Garland/ Lights Crew Assistant Head
Ryan Nawrocki/ Set Crew Head
Jake Maeker/ Set Crew Assistant Head
Meagan Hunter/ Sound Crew Head
Madison Newton/ Sound Crew Assistant Head
Cassidy Seale/ Publicity Crew Head
Alyssa Hiarker/ Publicity Crew Assistant Head
Ashley Osorio/ Costumes Crew Head
Grace Nardecchia/ Costumes Crew Assistant Head
Julia Kelso/ Properties Crew Head
Alyssa Hughes/ Properties Crew Co-head