The Real Inspector Hound: UIL Company

Klein Oak Theatre presents The Real Inspector Hound , a comedy by Tom Stoppard, at approximately 11:45 am Thursday, April 2, 2015 at the District UIL One Act Play competition in Lone Star Tomball Performing Arts Center.  Admission is $5 to see all eight plays.


Jackson Pounds/ Moon
Alec Michael Ryan/ Birdfoot
Roxanne Granat/ Mrs. Drudge
Benton Burnett/ Simon Gascoyne
Grace Nardecchia/ Felicity Cunningham
Carson Robinson/ Cynthia Muldoon
Coulter Brown/ Major Magnus Muldoon
Peter Collins-Hunt/ Inspector Hound
Blake Samper/ Body

Crew :
Sarah Wallace/ Stage Manager
Kelli Lahasky/ Props & Costumes
Julie Mulkey/ Lights
Sophia Clarke/ Sound
Sarah Garland/ Swing

Trevor Payne
Hannah Laird
Emily Shrode
Jamie Loasby